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Meet Our Muse

Meet Ania Diallo, She is a self-taught henna and visual artist based in Nashville, TN. Since childhood, She has been fascinated by the beauty of henna designs and the power of body art. This passion has grown within her, and she now has over 5 years of experience with henna body art.

Ania offers a unique blend of body art services, ranging from intricate mehendi designs to delicate and beautiful. Her goal is to create a space where her clients can feel comfortable and inspired to express themselves through body art.

 Ania Diallo brings together her passion for art, culture, and the sacredness of body art in her unique approach to henna and mehendi. With years of experience and knowledge, Ania is dedicated to creating beautiful and meaningful works of art for her clients.

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 Looking for a customizable henna service or workshop? No Problem! We can curate a unique experience just for you. Fill out the form below to Get your quote now!

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We offer a spectrum of services for weddings, festivals, conferences, corporate events, resident events, etc.

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