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Discover your inner goddess with 9Muses Henna! Our timeless body art will awaken the muse within, and inspire you to embrace your inner beauty, self expression and creativity. Book now and experience the divine art of Henna


Welcome to 9Muses Henna, your destination for all natural temporary henna tattoos! Our henna tattoos last 7-10 days on the skin, and henna has been used to adorn the skin and hair for over 6000 years. At 9Muses Henna, we are dedicated to providing you with the highest quality henna art. Our organic henna paste is handcrafted by our Muse Ania to create unique designs that reflect your individual style and personality! Click here to schedule an appointment and experience the ancient art of Mehndi.

We offer a spectrum of services for weddings, festivals, conferences, corporate events, resident events, etc.

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